Air Freight Transportation Services

Our International/ Domestic freight transportation system maintains enhanced partnerships with major air freight carriers all over the world. If you make it, sell it, or want it – large or small, we can fly it here, there, or anywhere in between.

ETC International Freight System is an IATA licensed Carrier / TSA Approved Agent, allowing us to have rate agreements with all major airlines in North America, coupled with similar agreements signed by our overseas associates. Whether choosing our most economical service via our weekly consolidations, direct daily service for your most urgent orders, or, a door-to-door service exclusively handled through our network of established freight agencies, ETC International Freight System has your suited service ready for takeoff.

Get air cargo tracking and proof of delivery (POD) from our overseas agents. ETC International Freight System’s freight network has developed consolidated rates that are designed to keep prices aggressively low. In addition, we will give you the tools to track your freight in real-time, giving you the added confidence of knowing the precise location of your cargo 24/7.

Air Freight Consolidation

ETC International Freight System offers a weekly air freight consolidation service to world destinations for export and import shipments. Provide us with the exact dimensions (length, width and height per packed item) and weight with your origin & destination to receive our written estimate. Cargo on heat treated pallets for export & import only with no overhang or sturdy boxes that can be consolidated.

Useful Air Freight Information

  • Passenger airplane Maximum height: 64 inches
  • Cargo Airplane Maximum height: 96 inches
  • To calculate freight volume L x W x H in inches divided by 166 = weight in pounds
  • To convert weight in pounds to kilograms: Divide the weight in pounds by 2.2046 (Equals 1 Kilo)



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