Shipping to Saudi Arabia with Air Freight Services is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be complicated – so how is it supposed to go, and what do I need?

It is a wonderful day in Southern California! It’s in the 70’s, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and you just got your order confirmation in for a big export to Saudi Arabia! The cargo is about ready & now it’s time for the fun stuff – the delivery of your goods to your customer, and the exchange for a bump in sales.

Here’s what you do next.

1. Call your Freight Forwarder

Call your forwarded, and provide the following:

~ The Place of pick-up & final destination

~ The cargo description

~ Weight & dimensions

Mode of transport:Air to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia door on a DDU basis.

2. We contact the shipper

Happy like a bug in the rug, the forwarder has all your shipment information, and can now, with the help of their Saudi agent, ascertain fee quotes for transportation beyond the Saudi port, all of the required customs documentation, certification, SGS, Chamber of commerce & certificate of origin.

From there they can bid.

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3. The freight forwarder’ s bid

As requested by you, our dear shipper, is your updated quote, now, including Saudi Arabia Custom Clearance & door delivery.

Duties / taxes, if any, are for the consignee account.

Air Export

~ Pick up from your business (lift gate optional)

~ Air transport from Los Angeles, CA to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia based on 577 KILOS volume weight (exceeding your dens /actual weight)

~ Documentation fee for the export declaration filed with the US Customs (AES)

~ Cargo insurance $0.65% of the value declared for all risk coverage or $ 75.00 minimum.

Saudi Arabia Import charges

~ Custom Clearance / handling

~ Door delivery

~ Airline Transfer

Grand total before insurance, daily service, with a TT estimated at 4 days.

Documents required from supplier will be as below

1) Chamber attested Commercial invoice (your forwarder can handle all chamber requests)

2) Chamber attested COO

3) Original Packing list

4) SASO certificate (issued by Intertek, TUV, SGS, and others)

Documents required from Importer will be as below

1) Authorization letter for our broker to clear the cargo

2) CR copy ( trade license copy )

4. The Shipper contacting their Riyadh customer

You pass the import documentation requirement to your buyer and obtain confirmation of the order as well as the mode of transport via air freight. Then based on the readiness of the shipment, you set up a formal booking with your international shipping company. At this juncture, your forwarder get the space reserved & makes an appointment with you to organize the pick-up. By then, your forwarding company gave you all of the information & flight schedule.

Carrier is Philippine Airlines / LAX MNL RUH / App 4 days transit time / Daily Service


You handled this order & shipment without a hiccup, because you contacted your freight forwarder before making any shipping commitments, and relied on their international network and 30+ years worth of experience on the matter.

Beyond giving you competitive air freight rates, your forwarder was able to clarify & handle most documents that Saudi customs look for to clear & release your shipment…. Cheers!

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