The Realities Of Ocean Freight Rate Increases:

This blog post will hopefully help you understand more about how to avoid ocean freight rate increases and better sort through the maze of challenges and changes involved with shipping products using ocean freight services.

Your challenge always relates to your bottom line costs. Yes, it’s important to secure reliable and timely service providers to insure excellent customer service and satisfaction but finding these overseas shipping solutions must also be connected to your costs. I often tell people, customers and just about anyone that will listen is to partner with a service provider you trust. This may sound simple but I have been personally involved with helping companies find, evaluate and build these types of relationships with ocean or air freight providers since the early 1980s. I have seen the differences between finding a trusted partner and just simply price shopping.

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What to know about changing overseas shipping & freight forwarding rates:

Understanding GRI (General Rate Increase) is key when both starting your research and getting close to making your final decisions. The more you know, the better position you’re in to make the best possible decision. The Internet makes it easier for more accurate research and understanding various options available to you and your business. We strongly recommend taking the needed time to read through and research any and all information that you feel could be related to, and have a positive outcome on your ongoing challenge when it comes to meeting your needs of finding the best solutions pinpointing both cost and service options offered. It’s worth the time and effort to ultimately securing a partnership that helps you understand how commercial ocean freight rate increases effect your objectives. This is how you achieve all your goals and secure the knowledge required to make the best decisions for your overseas shipping challenges.

Step 1: Getting A Relationship Started

If your business or an important segment of your business relies on overseas freight services, speak to at least three experienced service providers and try to get a gut feeling on honesty, industry knowledge and their priorities as they relate to your stated needs and their desire to close a “deal”. 

As I stated above, the Internet gives us all a powerful resource to research  every angle of what makes a dependable service provider weither it is related to air freight shipping, ocean shipping or warehousing and distribution needs. One or two conversations will normally answer an abundance of your questions.

Step 2: Do Your Research

Case studies can provide you with a fact filled method to view how other, similar operations face the same challenges that you do. Case studies often provide you with very detailed information on how others have solved the same problems that you need to solve. This research method also gives you a better idea of how the service providers are equipped to offer you the the resources that you ultimately need to get the job done right and see how various freight forwarding service providers treat other customers. Case studies will give you a complete picture of service outcomes and detail many or all of the details you need to complete your decision.

Step 3: Complete Your Overseas Shipping Plan Or Blueprint

Take the time and take the steps needed to record a plan or blueprint you can follow. A plan you can review any time you need will help you stay on course and complete your research in an order that will be the most beneficial to the ultimate outcome. Are you looking for your first overseas or freight forwarding vendor? Are you considering changing your freight service provider you currently use? If so, why? What are your priorities? Is price most important or is reliability your primary focus? Stopping to think about all of these questions and more will help you record a game plan that will guide you through each step and help you secure the best possible air freight or ocean freight solutions.

Step 4: Speak With Service Provider References

This step isn’t always easy to do but should always be considered. Many times there are good reasons for a service provider to have a specific policy against providing their customers names and contact information. However, even if this is the case, they should explain this policy and even still possibly provide one or two customers that would be willing to speak with you. This is where your “guy instincts” come into play as well. You will know if this policy and this reasoning makes sense. Just be open minded and understand why a shipping service may not be able to provide a client list.

Step 5: Be Sure Of Your Evaluation Benchmarks

Every business is different and every decision maker is different as well. Good or bad, be sure of what is important to you and the purpose behind your decisions. For example, you may list your priorities like this:

  • Cost & fees
  • Shipping options
  • Experience
  • Container selection
  • Container capacities
  • Warehousing capabilities
  • Distribution capabilities
  • Freight Insurance options


CPeople Together-10reating a partnership in any industry can be a significant challenge. Depending on your own expertise and experience, coming to these conclusions will take many different shapes and looks. In our experience, we can understand that partnering with the right ocean freight transportation company poses an above average degree of complexity when compared to some other support services. In fact, we should add “hand holding” or support to the evaluation benchmarks listed above. With all of this said and considered, we encourage you to balance all of the information provided in this post and build a complete plan, before you begin the process. Having a road map to follow always allows for better decisions and more flexibility when faced with a complicated challenge like choosing an overseas, ocean freight shipping partner.

In an attempt to help you along through this process, we are providing this Ocean or Freight Quote Information link that will give you contact and quoting options should you choose to speak with an ETC International Freight Systems consultant.

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