In our 34 years of international freight forwarding we’ve seen a lot! From the Cryogenic machines originating in the Ukraine and shipping to the USA, to water irrigation system exported to Algiers, North Africa. To the flurry of importers shipping their wares from China to the US to be sold on Amazon. Countless cars and motorcycles shipped to Hakata, Japan and many other commodities to Europe or the Middle East…

ETC International Freight System has unique solutions to meet your  needs, no matter how complex.

From working with typewriters to microprocessors to computers, from telex machine to facsimile to emailing, we’ve been up to the challenge to continue to keep our business on the cutting edge of technology. Unlike Al Gore, we did not “invent the Internet,” but, we always had the presence of mind to jump on the technological wagon.

For the readers who do not know us, our international shipping firm is a second-generation family business. Founder Reid Malinbaum is now involved as a Senior Managing Consultant. His son, Dimitri Malinbaum who is now the owner, has been with the firm since 2008.

How do we stay in business for so long? It may be more a temperament than what the experts selling you their services may say.

From Freight forwarding, shipping, customs clearance and inland delivery or pick-up, you name it. And let’s not forget, warehousing and distribution! We have it under one company which require degrees of perseverance with trials and errors. Our team strives to be constant in re-assessing and adapting to the ever changing freight landscape. The main goal is to provide our customers with the best and fastest shipping methods possible. This is not a business where you get rich overnight, you have to work it all azimuth (no pun intended).

ETC International Freight System is independently owned and operated. Although we’re a part of an industry that is highly regulated, we help you close the gap to manage your shipments from inception to execution. Our employees’ knowledge and dedication are of paramount importance in the services that we render, which focus 100% on customer satisfaction.

Sales, Operations, & Management Styles

Schooling will help you learn the skills needed in administrating a business, but no university can teach you the values that you carry from your upbringing. Over the years, we have begun to notice that many people lack the personal investment in whatever they do at work or outside work. What we see is mostly lateral moves and very little people skills.

At ETC International Freight System, we take pride in our work as forwarders, but also in our ability to get to know our clients and understand their needs. For many of the big box shipping companies, your package is nothing more than a tracking number moving from point A to B. At ETC, we want to know your story.

Have you guessed? This is the old dog writing, ha-ha! You ought to go with your time, I get it.

At ETC International Freight System, beside the state of the art software and the like, we passed down the social skills & the personable engagements. When shippers deal globally, they need to lean on a responsible and caring freight agent. This is where the difference among freight companies resides.

So, as we are celebrating our 34 years in business, we got your back, it matters to us more than pretending.

On this anniversary date, I propose a toast: Get out of the house/office, and enjoy the world around you! Let us take care of the details of your shipment. We’ll be here when you have questions, challenges, or just want to strategize your next shipment.

Have a joyful summer, and cheers to 34 more years!

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