Air export ex-Redondo Beach to Latin America

Welcoming our new customer from the Southbay in Los Angeles to Sao paulo, Brazil

Our client Super Plasma, Redondo Beach, CA / POC: Mr. Alex Barata

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ETC International Freight System exported via air freight Sharp LED TV:  90″ & 80”, Amplifiers: Onkyo & Marantz. 

Air Export Shipments: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Sao Paulo, Brazil (GRU)

  1. 09/27/2012 – 80” TV
  2. 08/29/2013 – 80” TV &
  3. 11/11/2013 – Amplifiers &
    Electronic Toys
  4. 02/28/2014 – 2x 90” TV’s +

Exporters with new ventures

They are becoming more frequent and require a freight forwarder and an extensive network to handle their air, ocean shipments whether shipping to latin America, Europe, Asia, The Pacific Rims, Africa, Middle East or Europe.

ETC Freight System and their China partners.


China import and export resized 600

Over the years, we develop a few keen freight relationships that gave us the right partner for the right service.

CargoTeam, our air & ocean import Chinese partner with a few words:

CargoTeam (China) Ltd. is one of the members in CargoTeam International, presenting international forwarding business in China. CargoTeam (China) is capable of handling all your intercontinental air and ocean shipments and your international road transportations throughout China. Under the guideance of CargoTeam International, we are committed to provide an excellent service and timely deliveries all over the world.

About CargoTeam, China

CargoTeam (China) Ltd, is balanced at the multilateral development of ocean and air transportation. Based on the active overseas forwarding market, we also keep a good relationship with our inland clients. We are staffed by professional and highly qualified personnel with long experience in this industry, capable of providing perfect services to our clients and satisfying their special requirements, because of which we have attained good reputation among our clients and overseas agents.

Strict management system, advanced managing concept, proficient skill, and sound financial status, all these ensure our aggressive competitive power for many years in this industry, making advancement and getting more maturity gradually.

To establish a reputable brand name of CargoTeam Group.

To provide the convenient and fast, highly efficient and individualized service to our
customers. * Convenient and fast: timely information flow to our customers with the help of our quick advanced software.* Highly efficient: recognizing the needs from our customers and providing logistics solutions in the first time.* Individualized: integrating different logistics methods into legal and rational logistics solutions to cater special requirements from our customers.

Core Competence
* A set of healthy and advanced management philosophy.* A strong faith of being successful.

Competitive Advantage

* Harmonized and unionized development of branch offices together with the whole company, under the same roof of developing program. organizational culture and management philosophy.* High quality staff* Sustainability * Combination of short-term plans and
long-term strategies * Up-to-date adjustment of management
philosophy and development direction * Establishment of staff motivation system
to promote staff’s creativity * Networking oriented: determined by the characteristics of the industry and long term strategies of the company

About CargoTeam International B.V.

CargoTeam International B.V. in the Netherlands is working on the fact that we want to make a group of forwarders worldwide with the same name being CargoTeam. Our goal is to combine all our forces and making a profitable network for each member. We do not believe in an exclusive network, but people are free to join and work with each other. No obligations and no fees. The profit is in the fact that we send shipments to each other and giving each other business. Some commitment is necessary otherwise it will not work. Think of saying that
you want to operate in this network and are willing to send your shipments and routing orders to other members. All members are free to work with other forwarders in cities where is no
member and also in cities where members are. In last case it is preferred to
work with a member. If you are interested, please let us know so that we can start working on

For information about our company CargoTeam International, freight forwarder
in The Netherlands, and to find out who we are please visit our website:


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