ETC International Freight System is the trusted freight forwarder in the midst of emergency situations.


After the events of September 11, 2001, the national air freight industry was at an utter standstill. The Department of Homeland Security, and eventually the TSA, were thrust into uncharted territory of oversight and regulations. The overwhelmed Department was forced into ramping up security on countless shipments in hundreds of different formats and forms. All of which represented billions of dollars in products for thousands of different industries.

In a matter of hours, the book on how to manage and provide oversight for exporters, importers, truckers, all had to be reimagined. All, except for the elite level of licensed freight forwarders, such as ETC, who were already in place.

ETC International Freight System has been a licensed air freighter since 1984, we have duly adhered to the IATA & TSA security protocols since their very inception. After 9/11, TSA inspections for non-licensed freight forwarders came fast and furious and at times, randomly. But for those of us in the licensed sector, our impeccable safety track record gave inspectors the confidence to announce their visits a week in advance. Thus, allowing for stress-free interactions across the board.


Understanding and complying with TSA regulations isn’t simply a matter of rule-following. It’s a critical aspect of our industry that ensures timely deliveries and low shipping costs. And more importantly, the avoidance of fines or further red tape that can plague unlicensed forwarders.

For example, ETC International Freight System reviews and handles all shipping documents. These can be airway bills, commercial invoices, packing lists and automated exporters system filing (AES). Any documentation in regards to national shipments as well as international Customs. In addition, all of our shipments are classified as “Known Shippers.” Known Shippers allows them to be transported via combi-aircrafts (passengers/cargoes) and freighters. On the other hand, “Unknown Shippers” can only export via freighters, limiting the options they can utilize for their clientele.


In the face of rigorous TSA inspections, ever-changing international shipping protocols, and the complex world of Customs regulations, that is why, having a licensed freight forwarded in your corner is an absolute must. Most importantly, our licenses and experiences ensure that once your shipment leaves your site – you don’t need to worry about it again.

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