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Exporting a business and life to the other side of the world with one stop:

Montenegro is a small, mountainous state in south-west Balkans. It borders Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, and the Adriatic Sea. Over a year ago, our shipper had us ship 20’ & 40’ containers containing household goods & the content of a private clinic to Montenegro.

Today, he was completing his move a year later, as we assisted in closing out possibly the most significant move professionally and personally, that this person would ever make.



We originally started in Palm Springs, California, a small city known for commerce in the most South Eastern reach of Los Angeles County. Today, we were picking up contents from two different places of origin in Orange County, and getting them off to Montenegro.



The packing list: 

  • Stop 1: 40 boxes with Dimensions: 20” x 24” x 30” each, weighing 2,000lbs
    • The commodity was medical equipment & apparatus, non-hazardous
  • Stop 2: Household goods that were packed for export into 1×40’ container

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The logistics

We started with an early pick-up of the 40 boxes from stop 1, and the 1×40’ container was positioned for later that afternoon at Stop 2. A crew was already in Stop 2 early morning to pack & stage the household goods. Once the ocean container showed up on a truck chassis 4’ off the ground, the packing crew loaded, braced, and blocked the boxes & the household goods on site.

From there, it was sent to the Port of San Diego, then off to Montenegro.

The 40’ ocean container was then secured with a customs seal, which remained until the customhouse broker in the port of  Bar clears through the Montenegro customs & delivered to the ultimate residential location.


The freight forwarding

A booking was made with the carrier prior to pulling the container out of the terminal. Before returning the container to the port, it is likely that as the forwarder, we may have to secure the container overnight by the port if the container is not returned before 4:30 PM on Friday. Monday through Thursday the terminal accepts container deliveries throughout the night.

The documentation 

Aside from the packing list, as the international shipping company, we were responsible for the customs the AES (automated exporter system) & the bill of lading.


In this instance the shipper & consignee are the same. The customer will be in Montenegro when the 40’ ocean container arrives. What makes the shipping a good experience is keeping the customer abreast of each phase taking place & respect the time line.


We were happy to help our customer finish his year-long move without any hiccups. Even though there isn’t a high demand for shipments like this to that part of the world, we were able to handle all of the heavy lifting because of our network, built over the span of more than 30 years in the business.

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