New to ocean shipping?

Got a business that relies heavily on overseas merchandise?

Not sure if you have enough goods to fill an entire container? Don’t let that stop you from getting your overseas cargo when you need it, just use LCL shipping.

auto-resized-600You may be asking yourself, what’s LCL shipping? It stands for “less than a container load” of cargo and it means exactly what it sounds like; if you don’t have the cargo to fill an entire container, you can just ship less than a full container to avoid costly time spent waiting for your container to fill. In shipping, time equals money, so don’t wait.

Using LCL ocean freight means you’re actually sharing a container with other customers, and most LCL shipments reach major ports worldwide. Which means you get the usage based pricing of a shared container, and the frequency, routing and visibility of full container. Not a bad deal. And, when using LCL shipping services, you don’t need to worry about returning the container because it’s likely being used on the return trip by the shipping service company.

Remember, if you’re operating a business that depends heavily on shipping, LCL shipping also keeps your supply chain goods moving, so your customers will never need to hear the dreaded words “that item is on back order”. All it takes is one bad experience with your brand to turn a lifetime customer, into a customer who will never work with you again. And learning that their critical item is sitting on a slow-boat from overseas is enough to sour any consumer. Don’t be that retailer. Remember, LCL shipping is a great way to get your smaller shipments in-hand faster, so consider it with your next shipment. Who knows, it may be just the solution you need to keep your customers happy.

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