Are you importing goods into India from the US? Here's all you need to know to get started!

Trying to make a purchase on Ebay from the US, and need to get your freight shipping ducks in order?

eBay buyers from India requiring a freight network that can accommodate any inland USA pick-ups, warehousing & storage as well as the packing, loading of an ocean container with shipping to any India base ports.

Not shipping to India? What about these countries?

Importing to US from China

Moving from Australia to the US

From the US to Vietnam


So much good stuff, but so difficult to get home…

eBay is a great place to find undervalued treasures and low-cost purchasing options for items that can be difficult to find in India through the usual channels. But any time you import from another country, you add a layer of challenges that can make it seem overwhelming, and often, the costs don’t match up, even with the great deals you’re finding.

The solution:

When importing goods into India from eBay or any other source, I suggest you track down a reputable US-based freight forwarder to get the straight answers, and determine whether that eBay purchase is the right thing for you… or, if you already clicked “buy it now,” a freight forwarder will help you navigate through these international waters.

It’s likely that your sellers are going to ask that YOU take on the responsibility for exporting your goods, since international shipping isn’t something a lot of eBay sellers are offering.

Here are the features you’re going to want them to have, so make sure you ask for the following capabilities:

Trucking services

Forwarders with the means to coordinate the inland pick-ups.


Forwarders that can provide receiving, inventory control, packing, storing


Communicate with the shippers when 1×20’ container can be filled up & confirming all of the charges for payment.


The forwarder provides a booking & secure the loading into a container. Thereafter, the loaded container is sealed & returned to the steam line for an immediate sailing.

Shipping documents, Bill of lading

The forwarder procures the documents on an express release basis, which allows the consignee to clear through their customs upon a presentation of an email copy of the bill of lading. Some countries have regulation requiring 3 original shipping documents.


Shippers buying from a variety of sources here or abroad can lien on their international forwarders with the right logistical organization & select their means of transport. Domestic, international air or ocean shipping.

You’re probably going to be crunching a lot of numbers with the metric system, but the US likes to make it difficult for you, so here’s a handy downloadable calculator to make converting your measurements a breeze!

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