Delays & Strikes Affect International Freight Forwarding Company

Importers & exporters with containerized shipments delayed

international freight forwardingAbout 200 striking union workers of the Colon Container Terminal (CCT) are keeping the entrance to the port closed, demanding improvements to their collective bargaining agreement, compliance with the Labor Code, and changes to internal rules. Felix Ross, the union’s finance secretary, said they continue this fight to the bitter end, despite threats made against them. A somewhat common obstacle of an international freight forwarding company.

Meanwhile officials from the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development, the
Trade Union of CCT Workers, and representatives from the company continue to meet to discuss labor issues, with a view towards seeking a solution to the work stoppage which began at noon today. (Source – La Prensa) 

In reference to the delays you have experienced at Manzanillo, international freight forwarding companies have been facing a difficult operating environment at this major relay port for several months now.  The matter is twofold; labor issues and low productivity due to yard congestion. Do You Need An Estimate On International Freight Forwarding?

While the labor strike of last year is continuing to cause problems, labor is not the main problem now – yard congestion has significantly slowed productivity moving ainternational freight forwarding companypprox. 18 to 20 lifts per hour.  Large volume of live reefers (1400 live reefers currently plugged in at Manzanillo) is part of the congestion issue. Manzanillo is working hard to allocate vessels that arrive on time a berth window on arrival.  Vessels continue to stay longer at berths and productivity below acceptable levels which is impacting arriving vessels ability to berth timely as well.  For vessels arriving late, the berth delays are between 12-18 hours and no commitments on how many cranes may be allocated.  There is also only 50% of the labor is reporting to work.  There is no berth availability for vessels that arrive late or are out of their berth window. These are just some of the issues facing a typical international freight forwarding company.

There is no major improvement to these conditions anticipated in the next weeks. While it is out of any international freight forwarding company control, we do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and your clients.  I will continue to work with local operations and trade to monitor and react as best possible in this challenging operational environment.

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