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ETC International Freight Systems has handled air shipments of goods of anything from women’s waist trainers, to men’s cologne, women’s soap, fragrances and more!

Recently, we’ve begin to notice that the volume of shipments and the commodities we shipped via ocean now show an increase demand for less than container loads (LCL) as well as full container loads (FCL). By utilizing an international freight forwarder your items can be combined with other items shipping to the same destination as full container loads to save on shipping costs.

One example of international ocean shipping requests crossing our desks and warehouses is shown below:


Anaheim, California


Umm Qasr, Iraq

The Goods:

4,000 bags ready mix concrete non-hazardous – 80# / bag – 115 heat treated pallets – Representing a load of 7×40’ containers and 1×20’ standard container.

The Process:

After the shipper was provided with an early freight quote and information that is transmitted to the overseas buyers, the forwarder provided the shipper with several carriers, transit times, and pricing options to choose from.

At ETC, the full container load rates are all derived from ocean service (wholesale pricing) contracts guaranteeing choices and best pricing. Different carriers means different transit times with different port of calls and rates.

As the forwarder, we proceeded with the option with shorter transit time, which in this case was Pacific International Lines (PIL). According to PIL’s sailing schedule the company offers 42 to 52 days of transit time. Our shipping company also booked through an ocean service contract that enables us to obtain a far lower ocean rate than the standard PIL tariff rates. So, the option assured low pricing and a faster transit time than most other carriers to Umm Qasr, Iraq.

Shippers with dens cargoes in California are confronted with the legal weight of 44,000 Lbs. over the road for standard or high cube containers.

To access the various dimensions per container size click here.

We handled the container delivery to Anaheim, coordinating 8 containers for dispatch and loading at the Anaheim site under the same ocean booking (1 bill of lading) on a live-load basis, which included 2-free loading hours and $85 per additional hour.

Each container was placed on a truck chassis, which the terminal charges a daily fee along with the Pier Pass and Clean Truck fees. This cargo is insured on an all risk basis covering the value of the shipment during transportation and the ocean leg to Umm Qasr in Iraq. Since the shipper sold to their Iraq customer on a CIF basis up to Umm Qasr port, all destination charges such as the terminal, overseas clearance, delivery, storage and inspection (if any) are charged to the consignee account. 

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All the local USA and freight charges to the destination port were assumed by the seller.

Heavy air or ocean shipments to any destinations require the international freight forwarders superior level of services and coordination to insure a flawless transition of responsibility from the shipper to the consignee. 

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