Freight Shipping RatesAs of Monday, July 31, 2013, United States & Canada manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers importing cargo from the Far East will incur an across-the-board general rate increase (GRI), as announced by freight shipping carriers.

Ocean Freight Shipping Rates

The confirmed freight INCREASE shipping rate levels for ocean containers consisting of standard and refrigerated cargo, embarking from the Far East and imported into the United States and Canada are as follows:

United States and Canadian West Coast:

  • US$320 per 20-foot shipping container
  • US$400 per 40-foot shipping container
  • US$450 per 40-foot HC shipping container
  • US$505 per 45-foot shipping container

IPI via the West Coast:

  • US$480 per 20-foot shipping container
  • US$600 per 40-foot shipping container
  • US$675 per 40-foot HC shipping container
  • US$760 per 45-foot shipping container

United States and Canadian East Coast via All Water or Intermodal: 

  • US$480 per 20-foot shipping container
  • US$600 per 40-foot HC shipping container 
  • US$760 per 45-foot shipping container

To some freight shipping customers this may seem like just another in a long series of continuously rising ocean shipping rates. And while there have been steady increases over the years, the fluctuating nature of freight shipping rates is ongoing, with prices rising and falling depending upon factors such as supply and demand, freight shipper competition, and cargo capacity management.

Bill Mongelluzzo, Associate Editor of the Journal of Commerce (JOC) wrote an article last year titled Ocean Carriers Flex Their Pricing Power, which was prefaced with “Trade growth is dragging and capacity is increasing. So why are shippers paying so much more?” This is in apparent reference to the fact that only the shipping industry seems to defy the basic business principles of supply and demand.

Through our freight shipping network, we will continue to negotiate with our cargo carrier partners to mitigate these freight rate levels, and keep you up to date on all the latest developments and progress as it happens. If you have any questions, please contact us toll-free at (800) 383-3157.

ETC International ShippingAt ETC International, our overseas freight shipping network has been serving companies in need of commercial and industrial cargo imports since 1984, and we are committed to keeping our customers abreast of the latest shipping industry changes so that they may make the most informed decisions when it comes to import and export freight shipping considerations.

With nearly 30 years experience in overseas import and export freight shipping, we have an expert understanding of all the ins-and-outs of commercial ocean vessel transport. As a result, we are able to provide invaluable information to our commercial clients to help them make the most of their shipping dollars. We provide all the details a company needs to effectively import and export consumer goods and industrial distributions.

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