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I am telling you.., this freight forwarding job isn’t boring. I have always felt that I needed to provide useful shipping information to my readers and our existing shippers.

You would think that 30+ years on the job would subdue my enthusiasm, but it definitely has not! Currently, our freight forwarding air import department has been handling weekly air freight shipments of machinery coming from of all places, Kiev, Ukraine. These shipments are air freighted, cleared through the US Customs, and dispatched all over the US with inland deliveries duty paid.

Disclosure: some opinions on this blog are mine alone. Any relation to any living or breathing thing is purely coincidental.

This shipper works with one person inside the ETC International Freight System office only. This shipper works with us, a family-owned freight forwarder, over the conglomerates because of our personal touch.

The Personal Touch of a Family-Owned Freight Forwarder:

With ETC International, there is no automated phone system. And you don’t have to deal with 3 separate departments or 3 separate coordinators. This means that your information doesn’t have to go through layers and multiple hands to find its way to you.

So, here, a great rapport is in place and the service begins with us working closely with our customer’s supplier through our Ukraine agent who goes to bat to get the best air freight rates and stays up until the air freight shipment is picked-up and loaded onto the aircraft. The shipping docs are sent electronically prior to the flight leaving and only after we approve a draft. It means that our clearing agent has the entry filed by the time the shipment lands in any of the US airports nearest to the final delivery location.

This week alone, we are flying the machinery into Los Angeles airport for Bakersfield and San Diego deliveries. In the past, we have also flown the equipment to Atlanta (GA), Providence (RI) with various inland transportation.

The US customs documents are prepared from one licensed office custom broker that is connected electronically via Ace Secure Data Portal of the Department of Homeland Security as well as Customs and Border Patrol. This is the same concept when exporting and preparing the AES (automated export system).

The Flip Side:

Shippers working with freight conglomerates have their shipments and patience engulfed in never ending departments which segregate your shipments with several different clerks that cannot always tell you what is happening to the handling of your shipments or where it is. It is a simpler, cost efficient method to hire and train as well as disposing of them when conglomerates consolidate, buy out a large freight outfit. Unfortunately, for the shippers, the feeling of frustration is a common occurrence.


This shipper importing from Kiev with us is educated and experienced in imports. His expeditions are frequent and by working with ETC International Freight System, his shipping solutions are tailored to meet his specific needs.

It works for us and you.

Are you ready to experience the difference of working with a family-owned freight forwarder like ETC International Freight System? Contact us today.

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