We are living in an environment (Covid-19), if you specialize in one area, you may be subjected to quick sand with nowhere to go – plurality in freight forwarding is the key, helping shippers reach their goals, as well.

Freight forwarding & Shipping
Like most industries, we have specialized freight forwarders, some do perishables, other stick to ocean import from China, air export to wherever, we have customhouse brokers dealing exclusively with US customs clearances, we have warehouses, truckers, packers & crating companies. Right now, if shippers work with a freight forwarding company that provides one of the above or just a few of the stated services, you may not sleep well at night. I would also contend that importers, exporters as well as the domestic firms may need a shipping, forwarding company with well-rounded experiences covering completely every aspect of their shipments from inception to end.

Breaking the transportation among a few freight associated companies is troublesome. You, my dear shippers, may use a freight forwarding company just for the international leg, a broker for the clearance, a warehouse for storage or distribution & a trucker for the delivery or the pick-up. Too many legs split among many separate entities adding coordination ordeals, delays & costs easily avoidable.

From the inception of ETC International Freight System in 1984
Our founder wanted a freight forwarding company that supplied all services associated with the shipping of cargo, right from the door step of an enterprise whether shipping industrial, commercial or even household goods. Licenses for air & ocean freight were acquired, warehousing for storage, packing, crating, customs clearance in the USA & abroad, trucking, cargo insurance, helping with letter of credit, over-sized cargo permit over the road. Door to door, full on logistics provider with at last, customers channeling shipments through one capable outfit.

Shipping from Origin: Bandera, TX to  Sevilla, Spain
1 x 40’ container of personal effects was delivered to Texas, the loading supervised by the shipper with insured helpers from a local temporary placement agency. Then, ETC Freight  get the container to Houston & meet a booking already in place by us. Export documentations are reviewed & processed through US customs & loaded onto the ship before shipping to Valencia, Spain. Destination port, terminal Spaniard customs still handle through ETC Intl. Freight System. Once the shipment clears customs, the container is delivered to the door in Sevilla inland point. After the unloading is completed, condition reports are examined & the container is returned to the port. The customer speaks to one person at ETC international Freight System from the inception to the door.

Air freight from Oakland, CA to Hamburg, Germany 1 custom sculpture
Pictures were taken, dimensions given to us. Packing & crating prefabricated in-house. Sculpture is then packed & secured, pictures are taken again by us. Booking with airlines are made & we fly this shipment to Hamburg. In Germany, German clearance takes place & delivery ensues. We ask that pictures of the sculpture be taken to follow protocols in case of a claim.

Automotive from Canada to the U.S
ETC International Freight System organizes the brokerage for Automotive parts from Canada to the U.S. On average, there are at least 300 different classifications, this takes hours to do the clearance. Each commodity needs to be classified correctly or there can be delays or penalties. We get the documents from the supplier & within hours we get the border crossing details from the trucker. We drop what we are doing to get clearances done or the trucker will charge storage for waiting. Such shipments generate little profit but represents lots of work.

Whatever the specificities of your shipments, if you want the expertise & lean on your freight forwarders for answers or quick updates, you need a freight network & a freight philosophy that can perform for your business the sample tasks shown above & more. We welcome at ETC International Freight System your shipment inquiries, you can call 310-632-2555 to receive our instructions & obtain a quote prior to touching your cargoes that will encompass each phase involved with your shipments. To reach us, please check our web site at www.etcinternational.com or email us at Sales@etcintl1.wpengine.com.

Happy Shipping!
Reid Malinbaum
Senior Consulting Manager
ETC International Freight System since 1984



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