Good fellow shippers,

A reflection from the freight man during the Corona Virus (Covid19)!

Fighting a common cause, always awaken deeper feelings. Is our humanity waking up from our dormant state, abusing the earth, abusing each other, disparity among social classes, poor healthcare? What are we to our governments & the large, powerful corporations, but a commodity? What else is there? US, the commoners exercising our free will, or some would say; following our innate impulses, our DNA make ups pulling us in a direction by temperaments.

Why are we still shipping?

Commerce cannot stop, whether, we export, import shipments of all kinds via air, ocean, or surface transportation. We, the forwarders, shippers, carriers, warehousing & distribution alike, our kinds, the manufacturers, traders, logistical companies as well as the consumers at large will keep shipping & innovating. What is true to our shipping industry, is through to our society at large.

So, looking back in front of my window with a view to kill, confined, how lucky in the East Sierra. Here, I am the freight man with about 40 years in our country & in the shipping industry. A regular Joe that happened to be born 11 years after the second world war, in France.

After a fall, we pick ourselves up.

Look! Putting things in perspective, 100 years ago, we lived through the end of the 1st world war, the great depression, the Spanish flue (50 M dead), the 2nd world war (60 M perished), the Korean war, the cold war, the Vietnam war. Catching my breath! Afghanistan war, the Iraq war. There were Libya, Syria. My apologies if I do not mention other countries & other wars, my fingers are getting tired. Where are we?

Let us not forget the industrial age, aviation, advance in medicine, prolonging life span, urbanization, Labor laws (thanks to Elenore Roosevelt), globalization, mountain climbing, The Beatles, Diana Krall, Marc Chagall & so many incredible beauties, including our children.

Fatalism is not a bad medicine.

Such as accepting your new health & economic conditions while under a stay home order while there is Corona Virus (Covid19). The question remains what happens next. After the psychological & economic slumps of a war, we rebuild & prosper. The war against Corona Virus (Covid19we will win it. We have no reconstruction to worry about, all of us can go back to work & secure our future. In the meantime, the essentials businesses, which ETC International Freight System is part of will persevere. My son, the owner of ETC Intl. Freight System & our unbelievable staff putting 14 hours a day to keep the freight, warehousing, distribution & deliveries going smoothly, making sure, our stores have their shelves stocked up. Since 2015, 31 years after founding our shipping firm, I passed down the ownership to my son, Dimitri Malinbaum, and continued as a senior managing consultant for ETC International Freight System as well as any other trucking or shipping companies when needing my shipping expertise.

The odds are not stacked up against us, we need a little patience & leadership. Leadership starts at home!

 So, the Corona Virus is a small potato against the immense tasks ahead of humanity. Next, once we step on the virus, sending it to oblivion, thanks to so many men & women working incessantly to eradicate it. The freight man among all our citizens will redouble their efforts home, in the office & their constituencies.

We aim to ship, in one-self & others, we trust.

Reid Malinbaum

Founder of ETC Intl. Freight System since 1984



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