Learn how to send small packages internationally with a freight forwarder - save money AND stress!
In the past, my blogs have been tailored for the larger commercial accounts as well as the moving of household goods and cars. But lately, we have noticed a steady rise in a new area of the shipping business, small international shipments that include only 1 or 2 boxes.
Whether air freighting a sample or shipping a couple of boxes or suitcases of your personal effects to an international destination, this service is in direct competition with the FedEx or UPS conglomerates. While it may seem like common sense to work with a large conglomerate, you can actually reap serious benefits by working with a smaller freight forwarder like ETC International Freight System.
Going Small Makes A BIG Difference
What I like about this air freight service for shippers with documents, envelopes (less than 0.5lbs) and small boxes is that it offers import or export quotes worldwide. Further, it lets the shippers choose the level of services they want.
When sending small packages internationally ,shippers have more options and conveneinces than shippers who are shipping larger items or quantities. For example, shippers have the option to use door to door services which includes the pick-up from a home or business, customs clearance overseas and the delivery (any duty or tax cannot be included).
Customers who are shipping small parcels internationally also have the option for door to airport services that provide picks-up from the door but terminates at the airport of destination. This allows the consignee to clear through customs and pick-up their small shipments at a terminal themselves. Obviously, the shipping cost will vary depending on level of service you choose.
When shipping through ETC International, we offer access to a special service allowing shippers call us to get their pricing over the phone and then later get a confirmation via email. It’s so easy! Shippers only have to provide us with information on the content of the box, the country and the city of origin as well as the country and city of destination to recive their quote.
It is imperative to let us know the exact length, width and height of each box, as well as the approximate weight, as this service has restrictions.  We are unable to provide pricing on estimated measurements since all pricing is based on either the gross or volume weight, whichever is greater.
All Packages MUST Include:
  • Origin / Destination Countries & Cities
  • Content per box
  • Length, width & height per box
  • Approximate weight per box
  • Service level: Door to Door, Airport to Airport, Door to Airport
Why ETC?
Developing a rapport with your forwarders can have tremendous advantages. It can be incredibly beneficial to have one that understands your products, your goals, and have the expertise needed to navigate through the multiple shipping and customs layers involved in international shipping.
ETC International Freight System has handled commercial & household shipments since 1984. At first, we saw an added opportunity to our already wide range of services as a licensed air & ocean freight forwarder (TSA Certified, IATA, FMC licensed &, NVOCC bonded).
To our broad customer base, we offer warehousing, distribution, packing, crating, trucking, customhouse brokerage & inland delivery/pickup services. So it came to no surprise when in the early 1990s, we added this new freight component, expending this specialized service to our customers.
That you are a shipper with a few generations in shipping experience or you are about to import or export for the first time, large to very small shipments, we welcome you to reach out to us to see how we can make your importing and exporting experience easier. 



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