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International & Domestic Distribution center resized 600

2 months later after the agreement with the U.S. West Coast Longshore expired on July 1. The retailers through their association representing PetSmart, JC Penney, Foot Locker, Home Depot among others feel that the lack of negotiations is threatening the holiday season stocking. They sent a letter to the Longshore and Warehouse Union & Pacific Maritime Association. You can get more content on this topic through JOC.



With reduced volumes of China during the Golden week holiday this coming early October; the carriers may not cancel as many sailings.

Stronger 2014 so far may make the carriers more hesitant to decrease the number of vessels. This is a balancing act, as we do not want vessels to sail below capacity.

 “We may not see the same levels of blanking as was pulled last year, because the volumes are stronger. There is every indication that this is a better year,” said Alan Murphy, partner and COO of SeaIntel Maritime Analysis. If you want to read more content on this topic go to JOC.

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Benefits to importers & exporters include the use of our vast freight network for your shipments, Customs clearance, domestic transportation an efficient warehousing, storage & distribution concept with inventory control and bar coding.

State-of-the-art program is offered in key U.S. locations & within a high security environment. For more information, please contact Reid Malinbaum, reid@etcintl1.wpengine.com.

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Household Goods import or export


Are you looking at moving soon? If son figuring out the volume of your shipment is a first step to finding out your most economical shipping option. It is not always what you think. For you, here, we are going through an example where a household goods shipment originating from Lyon, France destined to Marina Del rey, California showing you how volume relates to options. If you like the process, ask us to also show you the pricing for each option. Household shipping is not as simple as you would believe it.

In this example the shipment originates from 69001 Lyon France (residence 4th floor with
elevator). The destination: Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (needs help unloading into
garage). The priliminary volume 7 CBM Personal Effects packed in boxes & 8 Dining Room Chairs & Artwork un-packed (who knows maybe 11 CBM..) This customer requested at first our assistance with the packing, loading & unloading, along with the logistics.    

First, we talked to the customer on the telephone & followed up in writing about the packing cost, increase volume & cost to access our ocean consolidation service. remember her original volume.

Second, to increase the volume with more furniture & have the customer seeks through a local placement agency help to wrap the furniture and load the container.

Third & last, we offered to just price 7 CBM of pre-packed boxes with no furniture by the customer from the curb side in Lyon.

Whatever of those 3 options, the customer ends up choosing, we will clear & deliver to the garage in Marina Del Rey (Los Angeles).

1) Consolidated Service to Long Beach, CA

Origin: 69001 Lyon France (residence 4th floor with elevator)

Destination: Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (needs help unloading into garage)

7 CBM Personal Effects / 8 Dining Room Chairs & Artwork needs assistance with packing          
Needs help with loading & unloading

Flexible to move in September but must be before 09/25/14

2)  Exclusive 1×20’container

Packed & loaded by shipper Jane with local help. 

3)  Consolidated Service to Long Beach 7 CBM Pre-packed boxes

Origin: 69001 Lyon France (residence curb side)

Destination: Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (needs help unloading into
garage) 7 CBM Personal Effects Pre-packed from curb side (shipper packs & load)

Any of the 3 options, we hav a weekly sailing with estimated 29 days in transit time.

One request from one shipper turns out  3 options. Often, the shipper knowing the options departs from the original request & choose either a lesser volume & pre-packed the shipmednt or ship more volume & choose a full container load.

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