ETC International Freight System among many other licensed freight forwarders ship mostly dry goods or air freight them. Unlike the vast majority of shipping companies, ETC Intl. Freight System has been air freighting temperature-controlled shipments and even via ocean,

Air Freighting Temperature-controlled shipments (exclusive containers)

Shippers through our freight forwarding company access airlines containers of different sizes that accommodate temperature controlled environment with the use of dry-ice. A list is available to you:

Type Internal volume

LD3  3.7 CBM / 131 CFT.
LD1     5. CBM /,175 CFT.
LD4     5.5 CBM / 195 CFT.
LD8    6.9 CBM / 245 CFT.
LD7   10.7 CBM / 379 CFT.
LD11 7.2 CBM / 256 CFT.
PLA pallet 7.1 CBM / 250 CFT.
LD9  10.8 CBM / 381 CFT.
LD29 14.4 CBM / 510 CFT.
LD39 15.9 CBM / 560 CFT.

For more details & aircrafts accommodating the airlines containers visit:

Air freighting airlines containers containing temperature-controlled shipments with the use of dry ice, you can access about daily flights to a large variety of destinations. For rates, contact our We would recommend to know your exact schedule B number & exact weight & dimensions per box. The use of dry ice will change how many cubic feet, shippers can fit their shipments. Delivery of an airline container to a shipper for the loading of the dry ice & shipment is possible. The time table is limited to ensure the effectiveness of the dry ice & coordination among shipper, forwarder & the airlines is paramount to the success of your export or import. When a customhouse broker is involved, they need to be privy of all documentation in advance & secure an appointment with a customs officer to expedite the clearance.

Air freighting temperature-controlled shipments for less than a container on a consolidation basis

For the shippers with just a small shipment. See our real small shipment illustration below:
Origin: Visalia, CA
Destination: Milan, Italy
Commodity: Kiwi Pollen
1 Ice Chest
Weight: 168lbs
Temp controlled

For this small shipment, we use a consolidation air service that departs twice per week. We used a refrigerated truck to pick-up from the Visalia area. Once near the Los Angeles airport our freight, shipping company utilized a warehouse with the resources to receive & place the shipment on dry-ice. ETC International Freight System air freighted the box on a priority basis to prevent any delay. Pricing is subject to weight, dimensions, destinations & availability. Call us with your shipment details to give you a quick bid at 310-632-2555 or email us at You can also obtain your pricing through our web site at filling out our rate request form.

For the big boys, exporters or importers needing temperature controlled for full container load (Reefer) via ocean freight

From any inland point to world destinations 40’ containers with temperature controlled. Keeping freshness during the shipping is everything to the shippers. Shipping in an optimal condition is imperative for any perishable commodities getting there A okay. Perishable commodities are categorized as: Frozen cargo, Chilled cargo, Fresh fruit and vegetables Fresh meats, poultry and seafood Dairy products and eggs Fresh juices Confectionery products Bulbs, live plants and cut flowers Frozen meats and poultry Frozen prepared foods Frozen concentrates Frozen fruits and vegetables Ice-cream Frozen seafood Chemical and biological products Batteries Photographic film and materials Pharmaceuticals Tobacco products Live animals e.g. bull frogs KNOWING YOUR CARGO Chilled Cargo Chilled cargo refers to commodities which need to be shipped above product freezing temperatures. Commodities have relatively short shelf lives and require careful attention during transportation. Reefer containers will automatically control refrigeration using the supply air sensor to detect and manage temperatures within a 0.5°C (0.9°F) range, under most conditions.

We welcome you freight queries for dry or temperature-controlled shipments of all dimensions. Whether, you need our air consolidation or a direct flight, shipping an exclusive reefer container, contact our office at 310-632-2555 or email us at We welcome you visiting our web site for useful information & many blogs at

Happy shipping!
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Senior Consultant



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