If you're shipping high value items across the planet, let me offer this advice -

What are keys to success when shipping high-value items like jewelry, artwork, and other high dollar items? When it comes to packing, scheduling shipments, labeling, transportation mode, how do these shipments differ from a standard international freight shipment?

To avoid significant loss or damage, we recommend that our shippers pay special attention to service, time-frame, a solid network of dependable agents, tracking system, and security before sending their priceless and high-value items on their way.

In our experience, shipments of high-value items, to a point, do not follow regular trends of other commercial shipments that may be subjected to currency fluctuations. They stand alone dictated by their own market makers.

Guidelines for safely shipping high-value items change depending on the type of item. Carriers rarely allow high dollar shipments to be consolidated but instead will send it on a prioritized status. Jewelry of very high value can be accompanied by a guard, if necessary. Artwork or memorabilia, if packed properly, can access freight consolidations using V-shaped crates that prevent cargo from being stacked on top of it.

What additional precautions or steps are necessary for shipping high dollar goods internationally? All the documents filed with the US customs, AES, commercial invoices, and booking with the airlines should be in line with all parties involved aware of how the shipping documents look (harmonized system, names and addresses, EIN number, Incoterms (freight terms).

These documents must also be reviewed and acknowledged by the shipper that is ultimately responsible for the information on all the documents.

When shipping high-value items, a shipper should not trust their goods to just any shipping organization. Your forwarder must be IATA, FMC licensed, NVOCC bonded and TSA certified. Additionally, you want them to be experienced and also involved with shipments such as yours. Shippers need to guard themselves against freight conglomerates who use a different clerk for each of the many phases involved in the shipping of your very valuable items.

Ideally, you want one experienced individual who will manage your shipment from inception to arrival. Working with a family-owned international freight forwarder, like ETC International Freight Systems, will allow you to have the personal touch that your shipment requires.

Your specialized freight forwarder can help you with packing, warehousing, loading securely, and shipping using a consolidation or a straight ocean container load. They can also help you with proper documentation, insurance, and other critical factors that your high-value shipment requires.

If you need assistance overseas with the clearance and delivery of a high-value shipment (or any shipment really!) call us at 800-383-3157 or email our sales department at Sales@etcintl1.wpengine.com

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