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As an international freight forwarder located in Los Angeles, California, ETC Intl. Freight System is often tasked to import and export goods to and from East Asian countries like China and Japan.

ETC International operates out of any US port or airport, and we can schedule a pick-up from any inland points within the US. Recently, we’ve worked with a number of shippers that deal in parts – for vehicles and machinery namely. 

When designating their international freight forwarding company, shippers must make sure of their aptitude and experience, particularly when shipping oversized/overweight cargo like vehicles, machinery, and parts. 

ETC International Freight System was recently tasked to organize the shipping of 4,500 used, non-operational motorcycles that had been salvaged for parts from Galveston, Texas to Hakata, Japan.

The good news was that no title was required by US Customs when shipping parts since the motorcycles were salvaged and non-operational. The challenge was that we had to coordinate multiple truck loads over time to the Galveston warehouse that could accommodate the receiving, storage, and container loading for such a volume. We had to create multiple shipments and bill of ladings, as this was not going to be shipped all at once.

Japan has a strong used motorcycle market, and older parts can always be found. This shipper is well-connected in Japan and has easy access to this thriving market. 

Did you know?

Did you know that the captain of the ship is responsible for the ship manifest? The ship must be balanced and dense cargo ends up in the center and at the bottom of the ship. If the captain does not want a container for one reason or another (dangerous goods, weight issues, etc), he can have the container removed and kept at the terminal to wait for the next weekly sailing.

Steam lines like density shipments like this, so they were not displeased. 

Importing into Japan

When in Japan, the buyer (importer) clears the motorcycle parts through the Japanese customs with their designated customhouse broker. Multiple shipments are placed on ships and dispatched to a warehouse where the parts are to be referenced and stored.

Side note: This shipping business is complex, as it frequently receives a variety of shipments from the States or other international countries. Each shipment is invariably different from the others and most likely will need attentive international freight forwarders to help ship efficiently and successfully.

For importers interested in shipping from overseas, solicit the following from your supplier:

  • The detailed pro-forma describing your prospective purchase
  • FOB departure port / airport pricing
  • Harmonized system number (driving your import duty rate)
  • Weight and dimensions per box

We will review your pro-forma or the information that you ought to request from your supplier and place in a pro-forma invoice. For assistance with your next international shipment call ETC International Freight System at 800-383-3157 or email us at Sales@etcintl1.wpengine.com

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