Warehousing and Distribution Services  Every company or corporation that sells merchandise must be able to effectively manage inventory and delivery in order to stay in business and remain competitive. This applies not only large manufacturers and retailers, but to any medium- or small-sized business in need of solutions for storage of product and shipment to customers.

Fortunately those businesses no longer have to handle these considerations from an in-house standpoint, as the option of warehousing and distribution services offers a perfect solution for companies who want to focus more on their product, and less on delivery.  

Here are the top 4 reasons to take advantage of such a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of Warehousing and Distribution Services

1. Expert Inventory Control

A professional warehousing and distribution service can provide customers with an accurate date of delivery, and precisely track inventory with specialized procedures and tools to effectively automate the process. A single, centralized warehousing facility will prevent errors that often occur when a company relies on compiled inventory reports from several smaller warehouses; tracking company-wide inventory is inevitably less complicated, with far fewer discrepancies. Centralizing inventory also eliminates the need for the coordinated inventory management between multiple locations, as one managed process applies across the board in one single facility.

Reports, coordination and error correction all require company time and money – eliminate these and reap the benefits to your bottom line.

2. Fewer Staff, Greater Management

With one centralized warehousing and fulfillment center, a greater number of staff members, (loading/unloading & preparation workers, security personnel, inventory control staff, etc) are required for storage and shipping operations in a single location, but this number will ultimately be less than the number of employees needed for multiple warehouses. Fewer managers, (i.e., higher salary personnel), are also appointed – so management selection can be pared down to include only those who facilitate the greatest degree of efficiency and policy implementation in a consolidated environment, and those having the most experience and highest level of expertise.

Pay fewer managers and personnel, and watch your payroll output shrink dramatically.

3. Increased Security

Securing inventory and shipping processes is a full-time job in itself. Unless you’re in the security business specifically, this component of the merchandising process will dictate the need for solutions outside the realm of what your company has set out to accomplish, and will likely cost a pretty penny to put into place. A centralized warehousing and shipping environment will include this all-important factor as part of their provided services, inclusive of costs paid for inventory control and shipment.

Put all your eggs in one warehousing basket – the savings and superiority will prove this to be your greatest merchandising option.

4. Considerable Cost Reduction

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using a warehousing and distribution service is the overall savings afforded to companies who don’t specifically need to build, own and operate their own warehousing, storage and fulfillment facilities. Operating such facilities requires a myriad of technical and procedural considerations, including:

  • Zoning, permitting and construction
  • Staffing, accounting and payroll
  • Storage and shipping layout and strategy
  • Security and safety compliance
  • Policy and management

These pieces alone add up to major expense – before you even stock your facilities with inventory, particularly if you intend to run multiple warehousing facilities. An expert warehousing and distribution service has handled all of these pieces for you in advance; all you have to do is take advantage of the facilities, procedures, security and best practices which are already established by an experienced service and readily on hand for companies in need of merchandising/inventory solutions.

Simply put: why build the plane when you can just fly it? Get where you want your business to go, and experience major savings in the process.

Inventory ManagementAt ETC International, we understand the above considerations and offer expert warehousing and distribution services for precise bar coding inventory control, cost-effective supply-chain management and a reliable centralized solution to all your merchandise fulfillment requirements.

We offer a hassle-free custom cost estimate upon request, and provide expert feedback for companies to help determine how merchandise warehousing and distribution will best benefit your business.

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